Welcome to Prestige Events Planning & Designs! 

I'm Jennifer, your event designer and I'm ecstatic that you are considering me to bring your event vision to a reality! I've always had a heart and passion for decorating no matter if it was for a Birthday party, Baby shower, Sorority,  NAACP, Order of the Eastern Star or Awareness event. Either way, the end result has always been PRESTIGIOUS leaving those that viewed my work in WOW!  

I'm a very passionate and committed connector who loves to bring people together. In and out of my professional life, I've always found myself in the middle of planning fun and memorable events for the people around me; unknowingly paving my path to a professional event planning business, which was right up my alley.

Having served in the United States Army allowed me to travel to many different places and experience diverse cultures. This unique experience, have allowed me to leverage my experience working with different planners into creating a coordination and collaboration style that is unique; yet broad. I specialize in creating diverse events and handling stressful event situations with grace and poise, for each client. My signature is creative and tasteful designs with incredible attention to detail and structured logistical event flow.

I can't honestly say what led me to have a taste for designing, but I can identify a common thread throughout my life, I've always loved to celebrate others in ways that reflects their personality, individuality and vitality without losing sight of their vision. Coupling that with my love and eye for designing, welcome to the birth of PRESTIGE EVENTS PLANNING & DESIGNS. 

Clients who choose to work with me will appreciate my candor, caring personality, and sincerity. I take greatest satisfaction in seeing everyone happy, and I'm always grateful when happiness HAPPENS! My promise to my clients is to NEVER design an event that I wouldn't be proud to walk into if it was my own. 

If you're ready to experience a PRESTIGIOUS AFFAIR, go ahead and click here to get started.